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AirMan® pioneered the first handheld inflator for the retail market back in 1996. Since then we have become specialists in portable inflation devices for various applications.

Tire Repair Kits


Today more and more new cars are being sold without a spare tire and instead equipped with a number of alternative options. One of which is a tire repair kit which consists of an air compressor and sealant. This option provides a convenient solution to an inconvenient situation. 


AirMan® is the only brand that offers a true OE replacement sold in the aftermarket. We have 3 categories of tire repair kits.


Two-Piece Kits consist of a single compressor and a bottle of sealant that requires a simple connection.


Integrated Kits offer an all-in-one-solution integrating the compressor and the sealant in the same housing enclosing all cables and hoses  which are pre-connected offering the most intuitive user experience.

Built-In Kits offer a custom solu#on with special packaging depending on the fitment of the vehicle.

Tire Sealant Products


The science behind a tire repair kit lies in the tire sealant. Unlike other products on the market, our tire sealant is tried and true. AirMan’s patented tire sealant is validated by car makers around the world. Performance and quality are guaranteed. 


AirMan® offers you two type of tire sealant. Active Seal®  which is OE validated for emergency tire repair.

Proactive Seal® and Agri-Seal® which are considered preventive sealant. Applied in advance into an undamaged tire and seals punctures once they appear.


As a market leader in tire repair kits, we supply OEM car manufacturers around the globe with innovative tire repair solutions across a variety of vehicle platforms. With Airman® by ATI for the  aftermarket, we bring OEM quality to safeguard every driver on the road that benefits from our tire repair technology.  

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