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What is OE quality and does it matter?  

AirMan® is a brand brought to you by Active Tools International (HK) Ltd.

We have been an Automotive OEM Tier 1 System Supplier since 2002. Active Tools Group, headquartered in Hong Kong, has locations all over the world in every major automotive market. Through our German engineering, and world class ISO/TS 16949, and IATF 16949 certified manufacturing capability, we deliver roughly 3 million tire mobility solutions annually to carmakers all over the world. Our customers include VW Group, GM Group, PSA Group, Honda, Ford, Mazda, Subaru, Mitsubishi, Daimler Group, Nissan, FCA Group, Chery, SAIC, Hyundai Kia, to name a few.


For experienced or beginner drivers , getting stuck in the middle of no where after a tire related roadside emergency is a common problem. Roadside Assistance may work in the big cities, but on major highways between cities or in rural areas the wait could be over an hour. Don’t risk your safety, or the safety of your family and friends by changing a flat tire manually, especially on a busy highway.


AirMan® Tire Repair Solutions are an easy alternative to traditional spare tires. Our patented sealant formula is eco-friendly, and will help you in all weather and all terrain conditions to get you back on the road safely. Unlike sealants that come in an aerosol can where you cannot routinely check your tire pressure, cannot inflate more air if needed, or be kept in your trunk over a hot summer or extremely cold winter.

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What makes AirMan® Active Seal® outperform the others?

AirMan’s Active Seal® Tire Repair Sealant is the same formula as for OE. It under the same manufacturing process, testing parameters that validated by OE car makers. Performance and quality is guaranteed. 

Here are the 3 key Strengths that makes Active Seal® outperforms the competitors and becomes the industry leading in repair solution. 

1. Outstanding Sealant Performance

strength of active seal-03.jpg
strength of active seal-04.jpg

2. Safer for Human contact and the Environment

GHS_eng 1.jpg
GHS_eng 2.jpg

3. Extended Usability in extreme weather

winter test 1.jpg
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Partnering with us for air compressor manufacturing

AirMan® not only supplies finished products to the aftermarket, we also co-develop and provide manufacturing services of air compressors to business customers.


With our German engineering and world class TUV certificated IATF 16949 manufacturing facility, we are committed to make our customers feel “safe” and “worry-free” when choosing to partner with us. 


Here are some of the co-development projects we've done:

Rechargeable battery powered air compressor for sprayer


Compressor for power seat adjustment system

AirMan_seat compressor.jpg

Portable compressor station for dispenser

dityspray set.jpg
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