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HOW IT ALL started

AirMan® safeguards every driver on the road that chooses our tire repair products. 

Our story begins on a beautiful Sunday two decades ago. A family of 5 went on a bicycle trip, with 5 bikes 10 tires all went flat on that day. One of the family members, who was one of our engineers back then, was tired of using the manual foot pump and came up with the idea of a cordless handheld inflator. 


So, a couple weeks later, the first prototype came out. It was fabricated with a BBQ motor and some used parts from his garage. Then, a couple more months later, the portable and lightweight inflator carrying the  AirMan® brand name was launched. It was the first handheld, battery powered inflator in the retail market in the late 90's. That was the origin story of the first generation AirMan® AirGun. 


AirMan® has been producing portable air compressors and inflators for the aftermarket for over 20 years. Our expertise lured the automotive companies and gave us the chance to co-develop the tire repair kit. The kit is a combination of an air compressor and tire repair sealant that replaces the spare tire in the trunk of your vehicle.


For the past two decades, the company has grown to be the leading Tier 1 OEM system supplier in this category. We are also one of the few manufacturers in the world that is capable of  developing and manufacturing both air compressors and tire sealant in-house. 


As the automotive industry shifts toward a more sustainable future, fuel efficiency and emissions regulations have forced the industry to potentially become completely electrified. This EV revolution benefits the end-users the most. We offer a much easier, faster and safer alternative than dealing with a roadside emergency involving having to manually change a traditional spare tire. Our solutions require minimal physical strength and no special knowledge to get you back on the road. The job is done in minutes. It’s our mission to bring these user-friendly tools to our customers. Airman® is your roadside hero. 


AirMan® is here to solve your everyday inflation needs.

branch offices

Active Tools (Europe) GmbH 

Oerlinghauser Straße 65, 

32107 Bad Salzuflen,  


T.: +49 (0) 5222 944 97-0 


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North America

Active Tools USA, Inc. 

2140 Austin Drive, Troy, 

Michigan, 48083 USA 

T : +1 248 537 1048  


Image by Robynne Hu

Active Tools Shanghai Co., Ltd.  

Unit 24C SIIC Building 

No.18,Cao Xi North Road  

Xu Hui District, Shanghai  

200030  China 

T.: +86 21 6427 8170 


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