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It is essential to check your tire pressures regularly and top up the air when the tire is under pressure. ResQ Tire Inflator with powerful 15Amp motor is powerful enough for most of vehicles yet still remain in small and portable size for keeping in your trunk. It is able to inflate a large car tire (41L) from completely flat to 2.5 bar within 6.5 mins


  • Inflate large car tire (41L) from 0 to 2.5 bar within 6.5 mins
  • With delate button on the housing to easily regulate the air pressure in your tire
  • Pressure gauge with backlight for operating in dark
  • 3 meter 12V car plug cable suitable for large vehicles

15Amp ResQ Tire Inflator for All Types of Vehicles

  • Item no.


    Voltage & Amperage

    DC12V 15Amp 180W

    Power Connector

    12V car plug

    Dimension and Weight

    170 x 150 x 65mm

    870 g


    Drawstring bag

    Ball needle adaptor,

    Mattress adaptor,

    Bike Dunlop / Presta valve adaptor,

    Venturi boat / mattress adaptor

    To fill a standard car tire (P195/65 R15) from 0psi to 35psi

    < 4m

    CFM at 0 psi

    33.95 L/min

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