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This kit was developed with motorcycles, All-Terrain Vehicles, golf carts and other small vehicles like scooters and bicycles in mind. The very compact and well-thought-out product is an ideal companion when you need to travel light. It includes 250 ml Active Seal® and a 10 Amp compressor suitable for punctures in smaller tires.


  • Proven solution for medium to small vehicles
  • Can be used as conventional tire inflator
  • Inflates a large motorcycle tire (25 L) from 0 to 2.5 bar in less than 6 min
  • Seals tire punctures of up to 6 mm

AirMan® EasyRider Tire repair Kit

  • Item no.


    Voltage & Amperage

    DC12V 10Amp 120W

    Power Connector

    Detachable Plug with

    Alligator clips

    Scooter Ring

    Car plug


    250ml soft bottle Active Seal Tire Repair Sealant

    Dimension and Weight


    148 x 122 x 61mm



    Sealant Bottle:

    52mm(Dia) x 185 mm (H)



    Drawstring bag

    Ball needle adaptor,

    Mattress adaptor,

    Bike Dunlop / Presta valve adaptor,

    To fill a standard car tire (P195/65 R15) from 0psi to 35psi

    < 7m 15s

    CFM at 0 psi

    23.4 L/min

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