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The AirMan® AirGun brings all the functionality of a wired compressor but runs on a Li-Ion battery. It can be recharged at home so the device is completely mobile during inflation tasks. Additionally, the compressor can be powered by your 12V car plug in case of a depleted battery. AirGun automatically inflates to a predefined pressure and features a digital display.


  • Mobile due to powerful Li-ion battery and rechargeable by mains socket
  • Automatic inflation system with digital display
  • Inflates a large bicycle tire (4.7 L) from 0 to 2 bar in less than 2 min
  • LED flashlight 

AirMan® AirGun 2.0 Rechargeable Handheld Inflator

  • Item no.

    55-032-001 (EU)

    55-032-006 (US)

    Voltage & Amperage

    DC12V 10Amp

    Power Connector

    Rechargeable Li-ion battery

    12V car plug

    Dimension and Weight

    223x 156x 60 mm



    Nylon Travel bag

    Mattress adaptor

    Ball needle adaptor

    Presta valve adaptor

    Air Hose with thread connector;

    AC/DC charger

    12V power cord & car plug

    To fill a standard car tire (P195/65 R15) from 0psi to 35psi

    < 10m

    CFM at 0 psi

    23.4 L/min

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