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The ResQ Tire Repair Kit is a reliable product that has proven its worth and functionality countless times. Its identical brother for the OEM market convinced car manufacturers all over the world and is standard equipment in many of their new vehicles. The ResQ Tire Repair Kit pairs up 15Amp air compressor and a 450 ml bottle of Active Seal® designed for mid-sized cars to larger SUVs and vans. 


  • Proven solution for most cars up to larger personal vehicles like vans and SUVs
  • The compressor can be used as conventional tire inflator
  • Inflates a large car tire (41 L) from 0 to 2.5 bar in less than 6.5 min
  • Seals tire punctures of up to 6 mm

ResQ 2.0 Tire Repair Kit

  • Item no.


    Voltage & Amperage

    DC12V 15Amp 180W

    Power Connector

    12V car plug


    450ml Active Seal® Tire Repair Sealant

    Dimension and Weight


    150 x 140x 61mm



    Sealant Bottle:

    86(Dia) x 133mm (H)



    Nylon Travel bag

    Venturi boat / mattress adaptor

    Mattress adaptor

    Ball needle adaptor

    Presta valve adaptor

    To fill a standard car tire (P195/65 R15) from 0psi to 35psi

    < 4m45s

    CFM at 0 psi

    34.0 L/min

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